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The Black Cab Revival

Subliminal kinetic type
A 4 Minute infomercial targeted towards the next  generation of party-goers about the hardships of being an urban cab driver.

A recent spike in government hindsight towards their political parties safety intiatives sparked a campaign aimed to harm the unofficial cab industry. The drivers are portrayed as rapists and have yet to lose that stigma among city dwellers. But as the night approaches civililans can't help but use their services. The problem is the disrespect when the services are used occurs and the driver is left with the consequences. From switch-blades to puke, a cab driver is always on the edge of his seat. This video celebrates the culture of taxi driving and puts the situation in a fairer perspective. I use misdirection whilst exploring their well-known care free personality in the style of video editing. 

The Final Cut Pro File

Familiar with Final Cut pro long before this project began and the developers have actually dumbed it down now so that it was quite a bit more difficult to get the results i wanted. What i mean by dumbing down is that they have removed "unnecessary" functions to create easy editing flow. Either way i created this montage using a mixture of telephone footage and old creative commons files found on the

Give the song composer habitats. (Edd Durcan, Lcc Sound Arts) a listen, well worth your time!

MiniCab Taglines

The initial stage of research for this project was focus a bit of text at a time and somehow make it represent itself. We were told not to be too literal and that subtlety was the key to this excercise. I began by deciding possible colours and taglines that I might want to use for visualization. After viewing Mark Kitchner's film work at the Cafe Gallery I decided to follow a moving image pathway with my work.

The reason i decided to use the Minicab drivers as a story to elaborate was because I could not imagine a functioning urban ecosystem without them, for now at least, I.e. we have no idea what Google is up to. Nevertheless I felt sympathy for them having previously worked in the food service industry, I understood that cleaning up after adults is a very degrading thing.

Draft of the Video without the text

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