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Various PDFs and Documents

A mixture of research and miscellaneous design documentation
London College of Communication Entry Work

Along with a standard UCAS application i was obliged to send documentation of my methodology and previous course/professional work. The guidlines stated that the document was to be no longer than 12 pages and purely visual.

The Illuminator Newspaper

Printed by the Newspaper Club collective in London for my University in 2013. The Newspaper strives to express suppressed media that covers acts of government corruption in an informative and authoritative manner. Using factual sources and legitimate prooven cases the articles echo impunity and hopefully have caused a chain-reaction of discussions around the London area.

Urban Social Design

As one of our major projects in the first year, this happened to be the most enjoyable. The class was split into groups and we were given the topic of "Urban Land Usage" and told to come up with solutions that would better surrounding communities. My approach was to consider a younger target audience and to somehow incorporate the underground flavor to introduce the nature of my social intent. The outcome became a crowd-funded event in which a music recording studio was to be placed in a container upon an open lot and encourage creative expression. 

Take Note Project

This document presents the research and visual  development that followed my 6-week introduction into research based spatial typography and information design. 


ATT: There are multiple blank pages within the pdf, please just skip through them.

Anti-Surveillance Organization

In February 2014 a collective was formed with the intention of informing the masses about unwarranted government surveillance through a group designed intervention and initiaing creative responses. Our collective was named Peer to Peer in reference to the idea of free data and net neutrality. Our presence still extends to the website i created which can be viewed here:

The Recycled Camera

Research and development towards a camera i created out of 100% recycled material. The second research pdf i had ever constructed so alot of errors may be visible throughout, one in particular being choice of font.

Luke Stole My Handgun's Electronic Press Kit

A sussinct professional description of my previous Copenhagen band, which represents our ability and potential within the music industry.

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