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The Spinning Himalayas (Cinema 4d File)

Before working of the golden shack I worked with applying splines to camera tracks. This spline in particular is called a helix. I set the "point of interest" of the camera coordinate on the pyramid and set the values of the sline track from 0 to 100. This gave the spinning and zoom effect that you can see in the video. The concept for this work is to replicate the Himalayas whislt giving it spiritual meaning. The particles floating across the scene are meant to resemble balls of energy, floating throught the universe, whereas the pyramid represents the source of energy, i.e. the human race. I made a glass like material for the pyramid, which is why one can see through it, a simple customization in the material options. The rest of the scene was given a reflective matte material as reflects other objects in the 3d world and makes the piece a little more interesting.

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