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From Charcoal to Chakras - Video

My Process

My initial thoughts about my colour drove me to start my research by using my drawing and observational skills to capture marble statues due to their monochromatic nature. I then journeyed to the V and A museum in South Kensington and began to sketch as many figures as I could. I came across one figure in particular that i found fascinating. It was of this relaxing monk, teeming with calmness and serenity, perched upon a log from which he himself was carved from. The figure came with a description. It stated that he had achieved "oneness" in the universe by pledging his entire life to channeling spiritual energy through his Chakra points.

This got me to investigate further and led me to uncover alot of interesting material on Buddhist ideology. The Chakras became the point of interest which i based my ideas and designs off of and the project slowly began to build density. It became apparent to me that each major Chakra (there are 30 in total) had been given a primary and secondary colour and correlations to human emotions and traits. At this point i decided to design an infographic explaining these correlations so that who ever was interested could learn in an engaging way.

I began to fiddle with the idea of cremation and how the buddhist religion encourages all of its followers to submit to this form of burial. But when the the body is burnt what happens to the chakras? The"colours" are disintegrated and what is left? Nothing but ash. I decided to make an experiment where i would burn all primary and secondary colours in paper form and compare them to a duplicate sample. These samples were then scanned and placed in the beginning of the video. The timeline in the video follows my process chronologically, whether it was when I lasercut something or burnt another sample of paper to complete my exhibition.

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