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Tides Of Man - Support High Rise + Idle States + Vasudeva


Chris Madsen , Relentless Garage, London, 30/08/14


Drizzle ensues as a crowd of five stand anxiously outside the entrance to the upstairs section of the Relentless Garage. Moments of declined eye contact metaphorically express doubts of a good turn out. We scour the venues exterior for information on the gig as we slowly drift into the conclusion that we quite possibly might have arrived on the wrong day. To our delight the doors swing open at exactly 7 and we slowly wade ourselves through the entrance. My roommate and I are greeted by Tides of Man drummer Josh and get ourselves settled with a couple of ice cold Stella's. To our surprise the promotion company that was behind the gig had added two British supporting acts, albeit bands I had never had the pleasure of listening to.

Volumes - No Sleep - Album Review


Chris Madsen, 02/09/2014


Three years since their previous release and hard liquor, gambling, strippers and dead homies are what's on the agenda. Let me say that no one takes these things more seriously than the L.A. based tech/groovecore band Volumes. Born and bred in Tupac's sunshine state there was not much they could do to avoid witnessing any of these things first hand. Their honesty and self-projection towards these subjects have captured the attention of many and they don't intend on relenting any time soon. The release of their newest work comes after a long awaited online hype up that included trailers, teasers and what you would normally expect from bands of their stature. Their sophomore LP entitled “No Sleep” hit the streets on the 22nd of July scoring their highest Billboard debut as #40 on the Top 200.

Structures - Life Through A Mirror - Album Review


Chris Madsen, 20/08/2014


Spawned from a passion for creating order out of chaos, the boys from the world’s most culturally diverse city have initiated their return. Formed in 2009, Toronto-based Structures have only delivered one full-length prior to this release and one EP, “All of the Above” released only months after gathering. With blind fury they have managed to tear down all barriers conventionally built around young -core bands. Rendering tours with absurdly large bands (Parkway Drive, Veil of Maya, Architects, etc..) has allowed them to divvy up a large enough fan base within the tech community to assert a fearful dominance. Due to this capability, expectations have grown exponentially, which can definitely be felt by their absence of new material. After unexpected alterations in their line-up a seed of skepticism was planted within many fans, yet the opportunity to see whether Structures have produced enough saws during their time in the studio has finally arrived, as their newest installment, “Life Through A Mirror”, was released through Sumerian records on the 13th of May, 2014.


Whitechapel - Our Endless War - Album Review


Chris Madsen, 20/08/2014


Assuming that any deathcore fan has yet to hear the psychotic vibrations of Whitechapel is utterly absurd. Founded in 2006, the band has released four studio albums, five music videos and are presently signed to Metal Blade Records. Recently finished with their 34 show co-headline tour with Devil Driver, Carnifex and Fit for An Autopsy they relent only for a month before they embark on another full U.S tour. Whitechapel is a coalition of well produced metal and a perfect storm of obliterating guitars and blast beats. Peaking at #13 (release day) on the top 200 itunes and reaching #1 on both the metal and rock charts the road to eternal respect among metal heads might be right around the corner for this sextet from Knoxville, Tennessee.

Wolves Like Us - Black Soul Choir - Album Review


Chris Madsen, 14/08/2014


The burly group of men behind Wolves Like Us have released yet another astonishingly loud record though Prosthetic Records. The four piece, born and raised in Norway’s capital, have awakened from a two year hiatus of touring with Kvelertak, Gallows, Long Distance Calling as well as the odd music video now and then to end the suspense of the album in progress. The relatively young name is becoming an opposing force in the world of honest heavy rock. Their sound is clearer and the tone is much more arbitrary. They allure to a slow death from the first track, and frankly that is exactly what one experiences when listening to their album entitled “Black Soul Choir”.


Tides of Man - Young And Courageous - Album Review


Chris Madsen, 14/08/2014


Tides of Man is an American progressive rock band formed in Tampa, Florida in 2008. Signing to Rise Records in March of 2009, they have provided a total of three full length albums to date, their newest instalment being “Young And Courageous”. Being their first instrumental album, distributed from the fourth February this year, it has already received both appraisal and various synonyms for disappointment from pithy reviewers. Tides of Man have trekked the United States back and forth with bands like Dance Gavin Dance, Emarosa, A Skylit Drive, Of Mice and Men, Oh Sleeper, From First To Last, We Came As Romans, and Asking Alexandria. After their current Southeast U.S. tour the plan is to come to Europe and share their passion for music with us folks from across the pond. Something I am particularly excited for, as you should be as well. Here's why:

Betraying The Martyrs - Phantom - Album Review


Chris Madsen, 20/08/2014


Written by: CEM on 02/09/2014 21:48:25

The glorified opportunity, especially as a European metalcore band, to have a debut album tour of the United States under an American record label is considerably good way to distinguish yourself from the rest of the bunch. Defying economic barriers and really captivating new audiences quickly is tough, but an accomplished task by the six Parisian men that call themselves Betraying The Martyrs. All of whom have been consistently altruistic, outspoken Christians and absolutely hell-bent on providing the world with their idea of the most immersive symphonic metal experience. Crusading through tours with highly regarded bands such as Carnifex, Born Of Osiris, Unearth, Suicide Silence, Whitechapel, and Emmure their name is beginning to stick. Since their debut album “Breathe In Life” my assumption that they would elaborate on their instrumental prowess and artistic energy had been created in confidence, but has some how completely dematerialized after their newest full length release “Phantom”.

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