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The Exhibition

The basis of this project was to communicate the inherent qualites, or the biological, the cultural, historical, political or psychological functionality of our assigned colour. Ultimatlely I chose to discuss the correlation between the colour of ashes and their previous material colour using the Buddhist theory of Chakras as metaphors for reasoning. In order to fulfil my material experimention criteria I decided that a mixed media exhibition was the best possible solution for me to showcase the work wholistically.


1.) The Stupa of Reconciliation (5mm lasercut acrylic)

2.) The Reasoning and Explaination (5mm lasercut acrylic)

3.) A Definition of Each Chakra and its Attributes (7mm lasercut acrylic)

4.) The Wheel of Ashes (200 gsm colored construction paper and glue)

5.) The Process - Video (37" widescreen)

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